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I've tried to download some data from pcmdi9 using the scripts created by Lawson. The data transfer went ok, but the md5 checksum fails. Turns out that they are using a different hashing algorithm SHA256, but when executing the wget file at the end of the download still calculates MD5. So the hash ends up being different from the one listed in the same wget script. The original wget script has the correct code which check if the node has passed an md5 or sha256 hash, but Lawson scripts insert a section that calculates md5sum by default.

To be more clear, this is what a new file line looks like in a wget script

'' '' 'SHA256' '8f67c9f75395212495cbe9138863ba77012f6749457dbed82542b06525391e13'


this what I’m getting by running wget for one file ...Already downloaded and verified


ERROR file '' MD5 checksum test failed


This is from the modified "trailer-part" of the wget script after the download is completed:

 if [ "x8f67c9f75395212495cbe9138863ba77012f6749457dbed82542b06525391e13" != "x" ]


    newMd5=`md5sum | awk '{print $1}' -`

    if [ "${newMd5}" != "8f67c9f75395212495cbe9138863ba77012f6749457dbed82542b06525391e13" ]


      echo "ERROR file '' MD5 checksum test failed" >> /home/581/pxp581/cm5-download-errors.log

      echo "ERROR file '' MD5 checksum test failed" 1>&2

      exit 99



Changing so that it adds this bit of code after "then" seems to fix it

    case $chksum_type in


          newMd5=`md5sum | cut -d '  ' -f1 `;;


          newMd5=`sha256sum |cut -d ' ' -f1`;;


So around line 690 of

echo "   if [ \"x${md5}\" != \"x\" ]" >> $oFile
echo "   then" >> $oFile
echo "      case \$chksum_type in" >> $oFile
echo "         md5)" >> $oFile
echo "             newMd5=\`md5sum ${lfn} | cut -d ' ' -f1\`;;" >> $oFile
echo "         sha256)" >> $oFile
echo "             newMd5=\`sha256sum ${lfn} | cut -d ' ' -f1\`;;" >> $oFile
echo "      esac" >> $oFile
echo "    " >> $oFile
echo "   if [ \"\${newMd5}\" != \"${md5}\" ]" >> $oFile
echo "   then" >> $oFile

Changes in servers' names

My version of the bash scripts now works again fine and can download files, the problem is that some of the servers have changed name and consequently the url in which we relied to identify if the file was already in the tree area. Initially I've modified my scripts to make sure for example that if the server was the script will also check files in pcmdi3{7/9} . Then I noticed that dkrz changed server name too and handling all these exceptions it's too messy.

Not to say that PCMDI is not using the proper ensemble version but directories named 1/2/3 etc instead. Since the use of elasticsearch has been momentarily suspended, I'm looking again at using the sqlite database to handle this.

So I'm starting today to adapt my python script to download the search for data, update information on database including new fields for md5 and sha256 checksum and finally download the data if it isn't there.

Clearly adding md5/sha256 info means that we need to have a row for each file and so probably I'll have to split the database in different "experiments" or try to use postgres or mysql. Any suggestion and or comment on this is very welcome.

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