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This page provides access to a range of training material that will assist researchers to access and use the CMIP data collections and tools provided through the Climate Science virtual research environment at NCI.

Your feedback on the training modules and ideas for new materials is welcome. Please send to or 

How to run Jupyter Notebooks on HPC HPC

NCI has recently made Pangeo available as a module on Gadi. The Pangeo module enables you to run Jupyter notebooks in an interactive session on HPC, including running multi-node jobs for more complex workflows.

The How to Run Notebooks on Gadi tutorial includes instructions how to set up and customise the Pangeo environment for your needs. In particular, this tutorial provides instructions on submitting and monitoring a multi-node job to Gadi. 

Please contact or if you have any questions about Pangeo or would like to provide feedback on tutorial. 

CMIP Data online training material

CMIP data training modules are available from NCI's online training library. These online resources have been developed by members of the CMIP community and NCI. They include notebooks covering topics ranging from data access, manipulation and plotting to high performance data analysis. If you have any feedback on this training material or have suggestions for additional modules and topics then please contact or

ESGF Node and CMIP Data Users

If accessing data from the NCI ESGF Node: then you can learn the full capabilities of the ESGF service by visiting the ESGF User Tutorial and FAQs. This user information provides tutorials on how to perform Data Search and Download as well as detailed explanations about the data, e.g. data format, data processing, CMIP and CORDEX data.

NCI data webinars

NCI commenced a series of Data Webinars in September 2019 to establish a forum for providing additional training opportunities for the community. Please see our NCI Data Webinar information page for slides from previous sessions, details of upcoming sessions as well as how to register for an NCI data webinar. We are in the process of developing specific CMIP sessions so your suggestions on what would be of help to you are welcome!

Training course materials 

Australian Leadership Computing Symposium (ALCS) - NCI data training 5 Nov 2019, Canberra

A full day training course providing introductory and advanced level modules:

Introductory course:

Advanced course:

*Note that this material has been modified since the ALCS training due to the migration from Raijin to Gadi.

Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (AMOS) - CMIP6 data training 10 June 2019, Darwin

A half-day training course covering the following topics:

AMOS 2019 training notebooks (GitHub)

  • Data Access tools: CLEF, ncview, ncdump, XArray

  • Other tools and packages: THREDDS, Panoply and Paraview

1.      VDI

2.      THREDDS

3.      Climate tools (CLEF, Panoply, Python).

Please contact if you have any issues accessing or using these modules

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