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Usage of the ANSYS software package is documented under either Raijin Fluent or Raijin CFX.

The license held by the NCI is for academic research CFD. Users from the University of NSW can use their own license to access their academic research license which allows more functionality including ANSYS Mechanical. To use any of these you need to be added to the fluent software group and the unsw_ansys group if you are from the University of NSW. To use the command ansys145, do

module load ansys/14.5

For more than 2 cpus, the number of cpus needs to be specified using the -dis -np $PBS_NCPUS option.

In order to have the license scheduling daemon correctly track ANSYS usage and prevent conflicts for our single ANSYS license, you need to inform the scheduler that your job will be using the fully featured aa_r license instead of the Fluent and CFX only aa_r_cfd license. ANSYS checks out 1 main license and (ncpus-16) aa_r_hpc licenses in any batch job, so to correctly notify the scheduler that you are running an e.g. 32 cpu ANSYS job, you need to specify the following PBS resource:

#PBS -l software=fluent/aa_r=1/aa_r_hpc=16

License requirements

Users need to affirm that they will use cfx for academic research only and should ask to be added to the fluent group.

UNSW users should also ask to be added to the unsw_ansys software group .