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The Australasian Leadership Computing Symposium is committed to being an inclusive event. We want everyone to feel welcome, and to bring together a group with diverse perspectives and experiences to strengthen the community. All people of all genders, gender identities and expressions, nationalities, sexual orientations, ages, cultural backgrounds, and religions (or lack thereof) are encouraged to attend. We are committed to supporting our participants' accessibility needs. 

We need your help to do this.

Firstly, through a diverse representation in the delegates attending ALCS.

  • Please encourage all your colleagues to attend.
  • If they discuss issues of access with you, bring these to our attention so we can address them.

Secondly, we need abstract submissions from a wide range of sciences, and from the diverse research community.

  • Please submit an abstract – we want to hear from everyone.
  • Support those around you – reach out to your colleagues and encourage them to submit.
  • We can also connect you to senior researchers in the computational science field if you would like guidance on the submission process or developing the content of your submission.

Thirdly, we need your feedback. As this is the inaugural event, we expect to discover ways to improve as we progress through planning and delivery. We are encouraging internal and external reflection and constructive criticism.

  • We acknowledge that there is a lack of diversity and representation in our Organising Committee Chairs.
  • If you have practical strategies you think we can apply to increase diverse participation or experiences of events that have made great moves towards creating welcoming spaces, please reach out.

ALCS is applying the opportunities outlined in the Women in STEM Decadal Plandeveloped by the Australian Academy of Science in collaboration with the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering, to drive our inclusivity practices.

We aim to highlight opportunities 1 and 4:

  • Leadership and Cohesion - Stronger cohesion and leadership across the Australian STEM ecosystem will amplify and strengthen diversity outcomes.
  • Visibility - Seeing women in diverse STEM careers, and equally represented in the media, in public events, and in other forums like boardrooms and classrooms will provide role models for girls and women and inspire a nation.

Please also read through our Code of Conduct - developed to ensure a respectful and welcoming environment at ALCS.

Contact Information


P: +61 2 6125 4389

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