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What it is?

If you have an application running on Gadi and you are thinking about porting it to GPUs to increase its speed, or if your AI/ML application is already using GPUs and you could use a helping hand getting it to that next level of performance, consider applying to participate in the NCI-NVIDIA HPC-AI Hackathon.

Whether your code is a traditional HPC-centric application or it focuses on AI/ML technologies, the goal of the event is to port and optimise codes on GPUs in a focused and highly collaborative environment. GPU resources at NCI will be in use during this Hackathon. We are expecting 10-12 research teams across various scientific research domains to participate.

There is a two-step application process to participate:

  1. Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)
  2. Invited parties submit a full application and proposal.

Key dates:

 EOI submissions open – Submit your Expression of Interest using this form.
 EOI submissions close date is extended by one week.
Full proposal submissions open – We will request a more detailed description of your application so that we can best match tutors to help you during the hackathon.
Full proposal submissions close
September-October 2022: Participants develop requisite skills and knowledge.
 - : Hackathon

Event Format:

We are hoping to run the Hackathon in-person in one or more capital cities at the end of October. This makes debugging the code and talking through issues much more efficient, and improves the whole experience. In the case of an in-person Hackathon, the duration would be shortened to one week. However, it may need to run online as a contingency plan, in which case the event would run for two weeks at a lower intensity

To apply:

Please fill out the EOI form and survey questions so that we can get an understanding of your preferences and proposed Hackathon project.

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