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Requests for Software

If you require software that is not currently installed, you can ask NCI to consider acquiring the software or making it available on the system by filling in the software request form. If you require a software package from the list below to ported from one of the systems please email or submit at ticket at

Environment Modules

Raijin Environment Modules provide a great way to easily customise your shell environment to the requirements of whatever software you wish to use. The module command syntax is the same no matter which command shell you are using. They are available on Raijin.

Software List

Some commercially purchased software are controlled by license keys which limit the number of concurrent users. Our scheduling system recognises a "software" resource flag to prevent jobs starting when the appropriate number of license keys are not available. It is important that all users use the software flag for the package. These flags are provided as part of the documented example in each of the links below.

Has access prerequisite conditions (see individual software pages for details): requires addition to software group through (see How to connect to a software group).

Click here to see current license status of available software licenses and usage
Click here to see the list of recently installed software


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