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This shows the total, used, reserved, and available compute grant of the project in the current billing period at the time of the query. SU is short for Service Unit, the unit that measures Gadi compute hours. Jobs run on the Gadi normal queue are charged 2 SUs to run for an hour on a single core with a memory allocation of up to 4 GiB. Jobs on Gadi are charged for the proportion of a node’s total memory that is used: see more examples of job cost here. In addition, different Gadi queues have different charge rates: see the breakdown of charge rates here.

The Grant amount listed is always equal to the sum of Used, Reserved and Avail. Every time a project has a job submitted, its potential cost, calculated according to the requested walltime, is reserved from the total Grant and reduces the amount of Avail. The actual cost based on walltime usage is determined only after the job's completion. If it finishes within the requested walltime limit, the over-reserved allocation is returned to the Avail amount and the actual cost goes to Used amount. When the project has no jobs that are waiting to run or running, Reserved SU returns to zero.