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NCI data services provide a number of ways of interacting with and extracting value from data, including our open source software . This includes access to our own development in advanced services, which is part of ongoing development to better utilise the HPC capability and data collections. In For some cases, science domains we also provide international community services and related standards with the ability to interrogate the datasets through federated and interoperable data service technologies , across across national data services across NCRIS facilities and Government science departments. We also do this for international peer peak science sciences in the US, Europe and the UK over high speed networks. This supports our international collaborations in both virtual research environments, and advancing the federated data systems  Through our data services, the data is citable by academic journals using persistent Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) and compliant with the FAIR principles.

titleData Services Notifications

Please see our NCI Data Services Notifications page for information on planned changes to data services and available datasets.