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Gadi Timeline

Updated 04  (3:20pm 00pm AEST)


NOWNCI data centre preparation and Gadi installation in progress. Users preparing for Gadi.


Gadi and Raijin available to users. Gadi pre-production configuration is expected to include one rack of V100 GPU nodes.
Gadi allocations will match Raijin Q4 allocations.
Jobs can be run (independently) on both systems.
Raijin /short available read-only on Gadi login and data mover nodes for user file transfers.


Raijin job submission ends.  


Raijin nodes go offline.
Sandy Bridge nodes decommissioned.


and Skylake

and K80 GPU

nodes go offline for migration to Gadi. The expected downtime for these nodes is three days.
K80 GPUs decomissioned.
Raijin /short file system available on Gadi login and data mover nodes (alternative path) for user transfers.


Broadwell , and Skylake and K80 GPU nodes available on Gadi. 


Gadi resource allocations for 2020 Q1 installed.


Gadi operational at full production specification.


Raijin /short file system decommissioned.


  1. NCI's VDI service will continue to be available to users as Gadi enters service in 2019 Q4 and 2020 Q1. Overall VDI functionality is expected to remain unchanged.
  2. The current VDI application software stack will continue to be available. Email if you have any questions or requests for new software packages on the VDI.
  3. As is the case now on Raijin, user home directories on VDI will continue to be separate from home directories on Gadi.Advice on
  4. how to submit jobs to Gadi from the VDI will be provided to users when this mechanism has been tested and installedDevelopment of VDI-to-Gadi job submission functionality is a high priority. NCI will provide advice on how to use this VDI feature following pre-release testing.

Data Collections

  1. Gadi users who require access to NCI data collections should ensure they are members of the required data collection projects. 
  2. PBS jobs which read from files in data collections will need to use the requisite job directives to flag collection access, for example, "-lstorage=gdata/<project>". A data collection path on the file system will not be available to a job unless the appropriate PBS directive is provided. 
  3. More comprehensive updates on VDI will be provided to users in January-February 2020.
  4. If you have specific questions or concerns about VDI please contact NCI User Support -


If you have further questions or concerns about the transition from Raijin to Gadi please contact NCI user support at