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titleDecommissioning of

 NCI is decommissioning the This dataset is now available from Please see the COSIMA Model Output Collection catalogue for more information about the datasets available or contact if you have any additional questions.  

NCI is decommissioning the 
Tip decommissioning - 2 April 2020

The and data access website has been decommissioned.

If you have any questions about this service then please contact (please refer to ‘Data Services’ in the subject line)  

You can continue to access these datasets from NCI’s THREDDS Service  For assistance please

titleDecommissioning of - 14 January 2020

Previous notifications:


 with dataset access removed

 was decommissioned on 17 January 2020.

This service previously hosted the Water Observations from Space (WoFS)v1.5 and Intertidal Extents (ITEM)v1.0 datasets.Users can access the new versions

 Please see NCI Data Catalogue ( for access to WOfS v2.1.5  and ITEM2.0.0 of


the Digital Earth Australia datasets.

Information about these datasets and how to access is included in the NCI Data Catalogue (


Previous notifications:

         The The Intertidal Extents (ITEM)v1.0 dataset has been decommissioned. Access information for the new version of this data is included in the NCI Data Catalogue ITEM 25m v. 2.0.0 record.

  The WOFS v1.5 datasets have been decommissioned.  Access information for the new version of this data is available from the NCI Data Catalogue.