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The first section `Welcome to Gadi` covers most of the basics you would like need to know before submitting the your first job and the rest of the sections keep more in-depth topical articles and frequently asked questions in their own categories..

These sections provide more detail and answer frequently asked questions:

  1. `User, Project and Scheme` focuses on the management of user accountaccounts, project projects and schemes. It shows what can be done through and how to do it.
  2. `Compute Grant and Job Debiting` helps to understand how the project compute grant is allocated and consumed by jobs.
  3. `Storage and Data Management` introduces filesystems available on Gadi, and keeps our suggestions for data management and I/O operations on different filesystems.
  4. `PBS Jobs` is the knowledge base for job submissions, scheduling, and monitoring. 
  5. `Software Applications` explains how to run software applications on Gadi `Parallelism` is the showcase of jobs that benefit from the large scale parallelism provided by Gadi.

We also have two cheat sheets at part of this user guide. The `Linux Command Quick Reference` is for users who need help to get familiar with the basic commands. The `Gadi Quick Reference Guide` gathers Gadi specific facts together and can be used for quick lookups.