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NCI-data-analysis virtual environments

We provide versioned NCI-data-analysis Conda environments that contain a suite of Python based tools. To use the NCI-data-analysis environments, you will need to join project dk92:

Once your account is connected to dk92, you can run the following commands in your terminal on Gadi or the VDI to activate the virtual environments: 

$ module use /g/data/dk92/apps/Modules/modulefiles
$ module avail NCI-data-analysis   
$ module load NCI-data-analysis_<version>

Project directory structure

This is how the directory structure looks like in dk92:

$ tree -L 1 /g/data/dk92/
├── apps
├── notebooks

apps: linux environment modules install location

notebooks: includes all the data analysis and demo examples

Example notebooks

$ tree -L 1 /g/data/dk92/notebooks
├── climate-cmip
├── demo_data
├── examples-dask
├── examples-gsky
├── examples-thredds
├── geophysics-mt
└── geophysics-seismic

Examples are available on GitHub

The notebook examples are available on both the /g/data filesystem and Github:

To clone a repository via the command line:

git clone

or copy from the appropriate g/data location: 

cp -r /g/data/dk92/notebooks/examples-dask <path-to-your-own-project> 
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