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Backed up. 10 GiB fixed quota per user.
Not backed up, temporary files, auto purge policy applied.
Not backed up, long-term large data files.
Read only, centrally installed software applications and their module files.
Not backed up, local to the node, I/O intensive data.
Backed up, archiving large data files.
   ○ man mdss
Read manual of all `mdss` commands
   ○ mdss dmls -l
List files with status: online/in disk cache(REG), on tape(OFF), or both (DUL) 
   ○ mdss put/get
Put or retrieve files from mdss
Display compute grant and usage
quota -s
Display storage grant and usage on /home
Display storage grant and usage on /scratch and /g/data by project
nci-files-report -f <fs> -g <grp> 
Report data usage on filesystem <fs> owned by the project <grp> by (project folder, user) 
Module command
module avail
List all available modules
module load <app>/<ver>
Load the module for application <app> version <ver>
module unload <app>
Remove the module for application <app> from the current shell
module show <app>/<ver>
Show what the module <app>/<version> does
module list
List all modules loaded in the current shell
PBSPro commandRun commands in this section with the frequency < 0.2 Hz
Submit job defined in the submission script
qdel <jobid>
Delete the job with jobID <jobid>
qstat -swx <jobid>
Display the job status in the queue with comment
qstat -fx <jobid>
Display full job status information 
qps <jobid>

Take a snapshot of the process status of all current processes in the running job 

qcat [-s/-o/-e] <jobid>
Display [submission script/STDOUT/STDERR] of the running job 
qls <jobid>

List contents in the folder $PBS_JOBFS 

qcp <jobid> <dst>

Copy files and directories from the folder $PBS_JOBFS to the destination folder <dst>

PBSPro Directives
#PBS -P <prj>
Project for job debiting, /scratch project folder access and data ownership   
#PBS -q <queue>
Submit the job to the queue <queue>
#PBS -l ncpus=<xx>
Request <xx> CPU cores
#PBS -l ncpus=<scratch/prj1+gdata/prj2+massdata/prj3>
Storage needed to be available inside the job. massdata is only available in copyq jobs.
#PBS -l ngpus=<yy>
Number of GPUs, ncpus has to be 12 x ngpus and the job has to be submitted to `gpuvolta`.
#PBS -l walltime=<hh:mm:ss>
Max walltime the job would run
#PBS -l mem=<10GB>
Memory allocation
#PBS -l jobfs=<40GB>
Disk allocation on compute/copyq node(s)
#PBS -l software=<app1,app2>
Licenses required
#PBS -l wd
Start the job from the directory in which it was submitted
#PBS -W depend=beforeok:<jobid1,jobid2>
Set dependencies between this and other jobs.
#PBS -a <YYMMhhmm>
Time after which the job is eligible for execution
#PBS -M <,>
List of receivers to whom email about the job is sent
#PBS -m <aben>
Email events. `a` for abortioin, `b` for begin, `e` for end, `n` for none
Useful URLs
User & Project
Service Desk
License Live Status

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