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NOTE: There are important tasks you must complete before using the latest version of VDI.  See Release Notes for details


Q: I am new to Python and I'm having issues creating a Python environment to run NCI's data analysis examples. 

A: NCI set up a project to host the virtual Python environments. This customised python environment aims to help users to run NCI's data access and analysis examples without hassles of installing libraries by themselves. This project is still in testing phase with a target release date by the end of 2020. Please stay tune for its opening up. All users are welcome to join the project in due course.  

Q: Is the VDI suitable for intensive computation?

A: Be mindful that the VDI shares node resources amongst multiple users. It is recommended to use the VDI as a stepping stone for interactive workflow checking and debugging. Submitting pbs jobs on Gadi would be more suitable for intensive computation.

Q: What if I run out of my home space?

A: You can transfer your files out of your home space using sftp or apps like Cyberduck.  See the "2.5.2. SFTP Transfer Node" section in "2. How to use VDI" page for more information.

Q: How much resources can I use on VDI?

A: There are 8 vCPUs and 32GB of RAM on each VDI node which is shared between as many as 8 users (however typically 2 to 4).  Each user can use a maximum of 8 vCPUs and 28GB of RAM.  NOTE: the values may change/be reduced once we implement a dedicated resource model.

Common login errors:

  • "Unable to submit job": it is likely that you do not belong to any of the groups that are permitted to use VDI.  The project lead CI can submit a ticket to requesting the project be permitted to use VDI when necessary.

The Strudel client may display a dialog inviting you to submit a debug report when an error or other unexpected condition occurs. The form collects information from your system and invites you to enter your name and email address. Please be aware that the information submitted by this form is sent to the developers of the Strudel application and not to the NCI. If you are having issues directly related to connecting to or using the virtual desktop infrastructure system, then please open a support ticket instead of using the debug report submission dialog. Please make it clear that your request is in relation to the virtual desktops. Ideally, also attach the Strudel debug log, using the procedure documented below.

Generating A Debug Log

  1. Start Strudel as you normally do. Its main window will appear.

  2. At bottom-right of the main window, check the 'Show Advanced Options' checkbox. An additional checkbox labelled 'Show debug window' will appear to the left of the 'Show Advanced Options' checkbox.

  3. Check the 'Show debug window' checkbox. An additional window entitled 'Strudel Debug Log' will appear, containing a detailed log of Strudel's operation.

  4. Attempt to use Strudel as you normally do. You should encounter the same problem that originally necessitated following this procedure.

  5. Do not click the 'Submit debug log' button on the bottom of the 'Strudel Debug Log' window. Instead, select all of the text in the 'Strudel Debug Log' window, copy the text, then paste it into the associated support ticket.

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