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Once you have an ARE App running on a Gadi node (e.g., VDI session, JupyterLab), you can then log into that node via SSH from your desktop (if needed).  Your login will be bound by the same system resource that you configured as part of the spinning up of the app.  There are two different methods to connect to this node via your SSH client:

Method 1. Through the web interface

  1. Go to the My Interactive Sessions tab on the ARE dashboard
  2. Find the job you need to access
  3. Click the button next to the Host: field in the card, and an ssh session to that node will open in a new browser tab

Method 2. Native ssh connection

You can connect via an ssh client on your computer.  You need to use the -J option to ssh to jump via our gateway box, e.g.:

ssh -J abc123@gadi-XXX

Where abc123 is replaced with your NCI login, and the node name is from the Host field in the card in the My Interactive Sessions tab (see above).  Note: you don't need the from the host field

Alternatively, you can also configure this using the ProxyJump option in your ssh configuration ($HOME/.ssh/config for Mac and Linux computers), e.g.:

host !gadi-dm,gadi-*

You can simplify the command further by setting a default username to use for Gadi by adding the User option in your ssh configuration, e.g.:

host gadi*
User abc123

Where abc123 is replaced with your NCI login

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