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GDAL is a translator library for raster geospatial data formats that is released under an X/MIT style Open Source license by the Open Source Geospatial Foundation. As a library, it presents a single abstract data model to the calling application for all supported formats. It also comes with a variety of useful commandline utilities for data translation and processing.

More details are available on the GDAL web site.


module load gdal/2.2.2
module load python/2.7.11

The python module is necessary to support the gdal python utilities.

This version of gdal contains the following dependencies (generated using gdal-config --dep-libs command):

-L/apps/geos/3.5.0/lib -lgeos_c -lsqlite3 -lexpat -L/apps/xerces/3.1.1/lib -lxerces-c-3.1 -L/user/lib64 -L/user/lib64/lib -ljasper -L/apps/netcdf/ -lnetcdf -lhdf5 -lmfhdf -ldf -L/usr/lib -L/usr/lib/lib -lgif -L/usr/lib -L/usr/lib/lib -lpng -L/apps/cfitsio/3.350 -L/apps/cfitsio/3.350/lib -lcfitsio -L/home/900/mma900/softs/lib -lpq -llzma -lz -lpthread -lm -lrt -ldl -lpcre -lcurl -lxml2 -lz -lm -rdynamic -L/usr/lib64/mysql -lmysqlclient -lz -lcrypt -lnsl -lm -lssl -lcrypto