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Access to Gadi is via SSH to This provides a Unix shell on one of the Gadi login nodes.

For security reasons we ask that you avoid setting up passwordless ssh to Gadi. Entering your password every time you login is more secure, or using specialised ssh secure agents.

Connecting from Linux/Mac/Unix

Open a Terminal application and use the following commands:

$ ssh

Replace abc123 with your own username. Enter your password when prompted. If you can't remember your password, you can reset it via Mancini at

Copying Files

To copy files to Gadi you should use the Gadi data movers

$ scp /path/to/local/file

To copy files from Gadi:

$ scp /path/to/local/destination 

Login with X11 (X-Windows)

To allow X11 windows from Gadi you need to request SSH to forward the X11 connection to your local computer. You can do this by adding the -Y option to your SSH command:

$ ssh -Y

When using OS X 10.8 or later you will need to install XQuartz from before you can use X11 on a Mac.

Connecting from Windows

The hostname for SSH connections to Gadi is Your username is provided when you created your NCI account. You can check it via Mancini at

Windows does not provide an SSH client by default. We recommend:

With MobaXterm on Windows system, create a new SSH session by clicking on `Session` tab or `Sessions` menu item on the top-left corner. Use `` as `Remote host` and NCI username as `Specify username`. Then log in with the new SSH session.

Copying Files

To copy files to Gadi you should use the Gadi data movers

We recommend the following applications to copy files to and from Gadi:

To transfer files/folders using MobaXterm on Windows system, drag and drop files/folders to/from local computer and Gadi after log in to Gadi via MobaXterm.

Login with X11 (X-Windows)

We recommend the use of one of the following packages for X11 access to Gadi:

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