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 • /homeBacked up, important files. 2GB default per user.
 • /shortNot backed up, temporary files.
 • /g/dataNot backed up, long-term large data files.
 • /projectsBacked up, important files shared amongst groups.
 • $PBS_JOBFSNot backed up, local to the node, I/O intensive data.
 • MDSSBacked up, archiving large data files.
   ○ mdss lsList files on tape
   ○ mdss dmls -lList files status: online (disk cache) or on tape
   ○ mdss put/getPut or retrieve files from mdss
   ○ netcpSubmit a copyq job to copy files onto mdss
   ○ netmvSubmit a copyq job to move files onto mdss
 • nci_accountDisplay compute and disk quota usage
   ○ nci_account -vDisplay detailed accounting information per user
 • lquotaDisplay /home and /short and /g/data usage
 • nf_limitsDisplay walltime/memory limits for project
 • short_files_report -G groupReports location and usage in /short owned by the group
Module command
 • module availList available packages
 • module load/unload packageLoad specific package
 • module show packageShow environments set by the module
 • module listList which modules are loaded
 • module use directoryUse all the modules in current directory
PBSPro command
 • qsub [options] jobname Submit job in the queue
 • qdel jobidDelete job in the queue
 • qalter [options] jobidModify resources of the jobs which are already in the queue
 • qmove destination jobidMove jobs between different queue (eg. normal to express)
 • qselect [options]Select PBS batch jobs
 • qstat/nqstat_anuDisplay status of PBS batch jobs
   ○ qstat -s jobidSee comment of the job (why is my job not running)
   ○ qstat -E jobid_listDisplay status of a group of jobs in ascending ID order with improved qstat performance
PBSPro job script
#PBS -P projectSpecifies a project for the job
#PBS -q queueSpecifies the destination queue upon submission
#PBS -l ncpus=xxSpecifies the number of cpus
#PBS -l ngpus=yySpecifies the number of gpus, ngpus has to be 3 x ncpus
#PBS -l walltime=hh:mm:ssSpecifies the walltime requirement
#PBS -l mem=xxxMBSpecifies the memory requirement
#PBS -l jobfs=xxxMBSpecifies the disk requirement
#PBS -l software=xxx,yyySpecifies all the licensed software
#PBS -l wdStarts the job from the directory it was submitted
#PBS -W depend=after:xxxSets dependencies between this and other jobs.
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