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This is the homepage for information and updates relating to the BARRA version 2 (BARRA2) atmospheric reanalysis data for use by the Australian research community.


BARRA2 is the new version of the regional atmospheric reanalysis over Australia and surrounding regions, spanning 1979-present day time period. When completed, it replaces the first version of BARRA (Su et al., 2019), completed in June 2019, which provided a shorter 1990-2019 February reanalysis.


You can browse the full BARRA2 holdings in ourthe NCI Data Catalogue.

NCI users: To access the BARRA2 data from either NCI's Gadi, or via the ARE interface, you must first register with the project ob53 containing the BARRA2 datasets. The registration link will direct you to MyNCI portal where you will be asked to agree to the licensing, terms and conditions.   

Non-NCI users: You may access the BARRA2 data via the NCI THREDDS Data Server, linked from the NCI Data Catalogue.

Licensing, terms and conditions

BARRA2 is licensed with under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (

Conditions of Use: The data collection contains is considered a research product containing direct modelling outputs from the ACCESS (Australian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator) model (Unified Model (UM) and JULES) for research purposes and a subset has been evaluated.
that has not been fully evaluated. Users are advised to refer to the Extended Documentation for the known issues and undertake evaluation of the data for prior to use in their applications. 

The Bureau of Meteorology seeks user feedback on the quality and their usage of the data, to help identify areas for improvements. 

The Bureau can also advise and collaborate on appropriate use of the data. 

Please refer feedback and questions on data use to


Published Evaluation and Assessment