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You can discover the datasets published and available at NCI using our NCI Data Catalogue catalogue, using ISO19115 compliant data records. As well as the general data catalogue, there are specialist domain information such as the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) service, or Australasia Regional Copernicus Hub.   Each collection and constituent dataset has information available as catalogue records in through the the NCI Data Catalogue. The data can be accessed through:

  • NCI Lustre filesystems /g/data[1a,1b,2,..]/<NCI code>, which are available on NCI's Gadi, ARE or OOD systemsboth directly and via the ARE.  This data is best analysed using our Specialised Environments.
  • NCI THREDDS data service (, primarily using Open Geospatial Data Services (OGC) and DAP protocols (e.g., subsetting and aggregation)

While all the datasets are available via direct login to NCI, some selected services cater for specific communities needs such international federations or desktop tools. These include:

The NCI Data Catalogue provides our requirements for F in FAIR - a discoverability and search portal for these datasets. Please see our Data Catalogue User Guide for more information on how to use our catalogue to discover and access data at NCI.


A Dataset Granule is sometimes used for some scientific domains – particularly in Satellite Earth Observation. In this case it refers to the smallest aggregation of data that can be independently described, inventoried, and retrieved ( ). Dataset granules have their own metadata and support values associated with the additional attributes defined by parent Datasets
DatasetA Dataset is a compilation of data that constitutes a programmable data unit that has been collected and organised using the one process. For this purpose it must have a named Data Owner, a single license, one set of semantics, ontologies, vocabularies, and has a single data format and internal data convention. A Dataset must include its version.
Data SubcollectionA Data Subcollection is an exclusive grouping of Datasets (i.e., belonging to only one Subcollection) where the constituent Datasets are tightly managed. It must have responsibilities within one organisation with responsibility for the underlying management of its constituent datasets. A Data Subcollection constitutes a strong connection between the component Datasets, and is organised coherently around a single scientific element (e.g., model, instrument). A Subcollection must have compatible licenses such that constituent Datasets do not need different access arrangements.
Data Collection

A Data Collection is the highest in the hierarchy of data groupings at NCI. It is comprised of either an exclusive grouping of Data Subcollections; or, it is a tiered structure with an exclusive grouping of lower tiered Data Collections, where the lowest tier Data Collection will only contain Data Subcollections.

Dataset Granule