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This page provides information to help users prepare for the transition from Raijin to Gadi in 2019 Q4. 


User Environment: Compilers and MPI

Intel Compilers2019.3.199
Intel MPI2018.3.222, 2019.3.199
OpenMPI2.1.6, 3.0.4, 3.1.4, 4.0.1

NCI plans to provide version OpenMPI 4.0.2 at the time of Gadi pre-production, subject to testing and validation.

Processor Comparison: Raijin vs Gadi

Intel Xeon E5-2670 (Sandy Bridge)Intel Xeon Platinum 8274 (Cascade Lake)
Two physical processors per node

Two physical processors per node

2.6 GHz clock speed3.2 GHz clock speed
16 cores per node48 cores per node

332 GFLOPs per node
(theoretical peak)

4915 GFLOPs per node
(theoretical peak)


The computing charge rate on Gadi is 2.0 service units (SU) per cpu-hour. This rate broadly reflects Gadi's performance relative to Raijin.


Broadwell and SkyLake nodes are expected to be offline for three working days in November when they are migrated to Gadi. Users who rely on Broadwell or  SkyLake nodes should prepare for approximately three (3) days of downtime in late November. Unfortunately a testing/pre-production period will not be available to Broadwell and SkyLake workflows.

Job Charging - Examples

Gadi Cascade Lake node = 48 CPUs, 192 GB memory

1 cpu-hour = 2 service units (SU)

QueueCPUsMemory (GB)WalltimeChargeComments
Normal416 GB5 hours4 x 5 x 2 = 40 SUSatisfies 1 CPU <= 4 GB memory.
Normal816 GB5 hours8 x 5 x 2 = 80 SUCPU request dominates.

Normal8128 GB5 hours32 x 5 x 2 = 320 SUMemory request dominates.
32 cpus is proportion of node resources.

Normal8192 GB5 hours48 x 5 x 2 = 480 SUMemory request dominates.
192GB = 100% of node memory.
Express816 GB5 hours8 x 5 x 2 x 3 = 240 SUCPU request dominates (as above).
Express multiplier is x3.


NCI strongly recommends that all users recompile their applications to obtain optimum performance and compatibility with the Gadi run-time environment. 


More comprehensive updates on VDI will be provided to users in January-February 2020. If you have specific questions or concerns about VDI please contact NCI User Support -


If you have further questions or concerns about the transition from Raijin to Gadi please contact NCI user support at