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In this step you will provide the details of the project you wish to join or which project you wish to propose.

Joining an existing project

If you wish to join an existing project, select ‘I need to Join one or more existing projects’. You can then enter in the code provided to you by the lead chief investigator in the ‘projects’ drop-down box.

As you start to type, the search bar will narrow down your results until the correct project is displayed. You can either click the correct option or hit ‘enter’ to select the project.           

If no results are found, please check the information provided by your lead chief investigator or contact the NCI helpdesk.

If you are joining multiple projects, continue typing after you have selected your first project

Software access

If your lead chief investigator has provided you with details of software packages that you will need access to, you can request them here.  Access to some software packages is restricted, usually due to licence conditions or limited availability.

If in doubt, leave this blank — you can always request access to restricted software after you have signed up.

Once you have selected the relevant fields, click 'Next' to proceed.

Proposing a new project or not joining a project at this stage

If you are proposing a new project or you don’t need to join a project at this point in time, simply select the relevant choice and click to proceed to the next step, your institution.