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Password and detail confirmation
In this step you can check that the details of your application are correct and set up a password.

Review the information provided

You should now be able to see all the information that you have provided as part of your account setup. This includes your name, email address, phone numbers, and the details of any project and software groups you may have requested access to.

Please review all of this information and check for any errors. If you do find that you have made an error, simply press the button and amend the detail you need, or, if you feel like you need to start over from scratch, press the button.


Once you have reviewed the information and confirmed it is correct, it is time to setup your password.

Your password should be a long random password or a strong phrase, and should contain at least 9 characters but with no more than 64.

Enter your password into the top box, then repeat it in the bottom box. Pay attention to the coloured bar below the password box, this will give an indication of the strength of your password.              


A weak or vulnerable password will not be accepted, in some cases these passwords have been involved in a data breach on the internet. Please use a different, stronger password in this case.

Once you have created and confirmed your password, click the button.

Confirm your registration

At this point, NCI will send you an automated email to confirm your registration. Once received, please click the URL or copy and paste it into your browser.

What happens now?

Your NCI account has been created and your email address is confirmed. You can now proceed to the NCI login page and log in using the email address you provided and the password that you created. From here you can update personal details, change your password, and request access to other projects.

Once the lead chief investigator receives your application, they will approve your access to the project and assign you a username. You will receive an email with these details as soon as they have processed the application.


Congratulations, your NCI account is ready to go.

If you have any further problems, don’t hesitate to contact the NCI Helpdesk, or contact for assistance.

You can also see the FAQ page for some common issues and the Mancini navigation page for a run down of Mancini's features.