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The hr32 project provides software resources to assist in typical bioinformatics analysis tasks. These can be accessed on gadi or ARE and are detailed below.

Further software resources for the bioinformatics community are available through the ABLeS community project if89 supported by Australian Biocommons. Further details of if89 are available in the Shared repository of tools and software documentation (external link).

Software components

A number of different packages are available:

  • Python and R analysis environments. These are collections of packages useful for bioinformatics and focused on interactive use in OOD.
  • Spark. A module containing Apache Spark to be used for distributed data analysis on gadi.
  • HDFS. A module containing hadoop so that HDFS clusters can be created for distributed temporary storage within a batch queue job.
    • More details are available in the Hadoop HDFS document.
  • Cromwell and nextflow. Workflow management systems.

Accessing the project

Resources can be accessed by joining the project through mancini. Note that no storage or compute resources are provided by project hr32.  Instead you will use your existing NCI compute project code.

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