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The GA-AEM inversion software contains 1D AEM forward modelling and inversion programs that have been developed at Geoscience Australia. The software consists of a forward modelling program (gaforwardmodeltdem), a deterministic inversion program (geleisbstdem) and a stochastic inversion program (garjmcmctdem). 

The current version of the ga-aem software deployed under project up99 is 20160606.

To access ga-aem, you first need to join project up99 and once you are a member of this project, you can then run the following commands on Gadi to load in the ga-aem module:

$ module use /g/data/up99/modulefiles
$ module load ga-aem/20160606

To test ga-aem, clone the following repository to your local working directory:

$ git clone

and run the tests under the "examples" folder.

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