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Intake-ESM is a Python plugin for the Intake data catalog system that allows for easy access and loading of indexes of Earth System Model (ESM) data. It provides a user-friendly interface to load ESM datasets from various data sources and allows for quick analysis and visualization of the data. Intake-ESM supports various data formats such as netCDF, Zarr, and GRIB, and can be used with different data sources like local file systems, cloud storage, and HTTP endpoints. It is built on top of intake, pandas, and xarray, which provides necessary functionality for searching, discovering and data access/loading.

NCI software

NCI provides multiple platforms for users to use our data indexes, such as the interactive ARE JupyterLab session, or the Gadi PBS jobs.

NCI also provides software environments that each support the NCI data indexes:

NCI data collections with intake-esm catalogues

NCI has several major climate and weather data collections with up-to-date intake-ESM catalogues.

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