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OpenFWI is a collection of large-scale, multi-structural benchmark datasets for machine learning-driven seismic full waveform inversion (FWI). There are twelve datasets synthesized from different priors, including one 3D dataset.  It also provides baseline experimental results with four deep learning methods: InversionNet, VelocityGAN, UPFWI and InversionNet3D.

We have placed one of the Vel Family datasets, FlatVel_A, under the following directory to demonstrate OpenFWI training, testing and inference at Gadi.


You could run OpenFWI tutorials and models with module 'openfwi' under /g/data/up99,  i.e.

$ module use /g/data/up99/modulefiles 
$ module load openfwi/23.11

You need to join NCI project up99 to access the OpenFWI dataset and environment.

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