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Science in all disciplines now require more specialised environments for managing workflows and analysing data. NCI has enabled a number these environments for both interactive and computationally intensive use - which is supported via VDI (scientific desktops), JupyterLab, and via the command line or batch systems. These environments are in addition to the various software libraries in /apps on  Gadi (and also accessible through the ARE interface).

Our user documentation for these specialised environments include the following:

Our specialised environments leverage our computational platforms as per below, and that using either command line access, Jupyter, scientific desktops or as stand-alone apps:

  • Gadi - The Gadi HPC supercomputer for running computationally intensive jobs. particularly suited for large-scale and long running jobs. For more details, consult the Gadi User Guide
  • ARE - This is the production implementation our Open On-Demand platform.  This improved what was originally supported under the OOD, except that the JupyterLabs and VDI run directly on Gadi - which enables visualisation using GPUs, and direct access to Gadi for compute or I/O intensive applications. The home directory for ARE is also unified with Gadi rather than a separate resource (as it was for the OOD). For more details, consult the ARE Userguide.
  • Open On-Demand (OOD) - The OOD at NCI is now superseded by the ARE.  It was the earlier stage to simplify the research process and augments and complementary to the services provided by Gadi by supporting JupyterLabs and VDI (scientific desktops) For more details, consult the OOD Userguide.
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