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Please join project dk92 through mancini to access NCI-data-analysis module.

There are many popular python packages available in NCI-data-analysis module for user to run their Jupyter notebooks or scripts directly. You can check all available packages via the following command (Please replace <version> to an available version )

List python packages
module use /g/data/dk92/apps/Modules/modulefiles
module load NCI-data-analysis/<version>
conda list

You can run NCI-data-analysis example notebooks by using these pre-installed python packages. You can also build your own python packages to make them working together with the existing NCI-data-analysis python packages.

The Python environment of NCI-data-analysis also supports parallel computing crossing multiple nodes based on MPI, Dask and Ray. 

We also provide suggestions for how to run the Python script more efficiently at NCI platforms.

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