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This documentation is for users using the UMUI (Unified Model User Interface). UMUI is required by older superseded UM versions, whereas modern UM versions use Rose/Cylc. The following instructions will help users dependent on UMUI to migrate onto our ARE platform from the older accessdev environment.  

Given you are an existing user of UMUI on the NCI accessdev system and you have an NCI account that allows read access to the /g/data/access file system. Try the following steps to run UMUI inside Gadi.

 To use UMUI on ARE

  1. Start a VDI session on ARE.
  2. Open the Mate Terminal application. The next few steps use the command line.
  3. Make a DB directory in your Gadi home directory.
    > mkdir $HOME/umui_DBSE

  4. Copy an experiment from accessdev.
    > rsync -a accessdev:/home/umui_DBSE/expt* $HOME/umui_DBSE

     where expt is the 4 character experiment name.
  5. Start the UMUI server.

    > /g/data/access/umui/ghui3.0/bin/ghui_startserver umui PRIMARY

  6. Start the UMUI client.
    > /g/data/access/umui/ghui3.0/scripts/umui
  7. Submit jobs to Gadi as per UMUI.

The server allows you to create new experiments as normal. However it will not see any experiments you rsync directly from accessdev while it's running. For these to be visible stop the server with

> /g/data/access/umui/ghui3.0/bin/ghui_haltserver umui

and restart as before

> /g/data/access/umui/ghui3.0/bin/ghui_startserver umui PRIMARY
> /g/data/access/umui/ghui3.0/scripts/umui


  1. This uses a local copy of the experiment DB rather than a shared DB.
  2. You might not have enough space in your Gadi $HOME directory to run experiments, and so you might need to use space on /g/data instead.
  3. UMUI uses a fixed port number, so only one copy can run on an ARE node at any time.

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