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To copy your files from OOD to ARE you need to use the scp tool.  You can either do this directly using a gadi login node (ssh command from your computer or ARE Gadi terminal app) OR as a 2 step process from your computer.

Gadi login node

  1. Login to Gadi login node either using a native SSH client on your computer OR using the ARE Gadi Terminal app
  2. Use the scp command to copy your required files
    1. e.g. copy select file:
      scp -r
    2. e.g. copy all files (if you have sufficient space in your Gadi home directory):
      scp -r ~/ood-home-copy
    3. Where abc123 is replaced with your NCI username and DIR/FILENAME.txt is replace by the name of the file or directory you want to copy.

Via your computer

If you would prefer a graphical transfer method then you can install a graphical SCP client on your computer and use it to first get your files from and then transfer them to

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