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Preparing and organising datasets

NCI has a team of expert data managers who work with, organise, and curate the datasets for optimal accessibility, analysis and data publication and accessibility. Our approach for data management falls into a process of making data fit-for-purpose for computation and programmatic access, and in the context of organising data in the context of a variety of funded schemes. This team works closely with data depositors to develop their Data Management Plan that will inform how datasets are catalogued, published, data capacity and managed over time on NCI. This also prepares the information for how the datasets are supported and paid for (e.g., through NCRIS, agency or university funding).

NCI adheres to Implementing a Data Quality Strategy to Simplify Access to Data (link to AGU 2016 abstract)and our Data Quality Strategy to Enable FAIR, Programmatic Access across Large, Diverse Data Collections for High Performance Data Analysis (link to Informatics - Open Access Journal).

Roles and responsibilities

NCI is responsible for the quality of the data repository and all its functions and internal consistency of all the information. The following Roles and Responsibilities have been established:

  • Data Collections are managed by NCI to agreed community and international standards that strongly relate the data to both transdisciplinary use as well as domain specific needs. NCI leads the process of broader consultation through community management as resolved through the NCI Allocation Committee, its Scientific Assessment Panel and Technical Advisory Group;

  • NCI is responsible for the organisation and coordinated activities of data within the collections, in concert with Dataset Managers and Organisational staff such as Data Stewards. This includes development of Data Management Plans (DMPs) and ensuring datasets comply with NCI’s Data Quality Strategy; and

  • To ensure uniformity in the stakeholder communication and management of the service, NCI is responsible for communications about changes to data areas. The content of advice will be developed in consultation with data providers. It is therefore important that any updates within data areas is managed under controlled procedures.

The value of any data at NCI is considered at the Data Collection and SubCollection level, including funding arrangements for the storage allocations for each of the underlying data Subcollections.

Help with accessing or managing datasets

If you represent a university, federal or state government science or institution, NCRIS capability that generates, owns or requires access to big data, contact us at to find out how we can help you.

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