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NCI Data Services - Notification of changes to data services or data access

This page provides information on planned changes to data services and available datasets that are expected to affect user access to data. This includes notification of data flagged for decommissioning and changes to services. It is not intended to provide live service monitoring information.

If you are experiencing any issues with data access or data services that are not listed here then please check the NCI Live Status page to confirm availability of the "/g/data" filesystems. If the filesystems are operational then please contact and include "Data Services" in the subject line. 


  No current announcements.

Recent notifications:

 NCI is decommissioning the This dataset is now available from Please see the COSIMA Model Output Collection catalogue for more information about the datasets available or contact if you have any additional questions.  

 The and data access website has been decommissionedIf you have any questions about this service then please contact (please refer to ‘Data Services’ in the subject line). You can continue to access these datasets from NCI’s THREDDS Service  For assistance please

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