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NCI has released an upgrade to the THREDDS Data Service. The NCI THREDDS is a public web service that supports data access protocols such as HTTP and OPeNDAP. The new release of Unidata's Thematic Real-time Environmental Distributed Data Services (THREDDS) software includes a number of key bug-fixes and other improvements. 

The previous THREDDS server will be decommissioned after 30th June 2024. THREDDS users will be automatically redirected to the upgraded THREDDS Data Service

The NCI Data Catalogue will continue to provide persistent links to the data hosted at NCI. When referencing data in publications, please refer to NCI's guide to citing data and services. Where possible, reference the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) listed in the catalogue. 

As part of the upgrade, the NCI THREDDS Service has a new address. Redirections will be in place to automatically connect users to the upgraded THREDDS Service


To migrate your workflow, change the start of any THREDDS link to use the new domain. 

For example, replace "" with "". 

Sample Old LinkSample New Link

NCI THREDDS users should migrate their workflows to use the upgraded THREDDS Data Service as soon as possible. 

Advanced Troubleshooting

There are a small number of rarely-used links that need more complex redirections. 

  1. dapds00 "catalogs" links: A small number of dapds00 links have an extra folder level in the new THREDDS service. To account for this change, simply replace any links starting “” with “". 
  2. dap links: Old "remote catalogue service" links that start with the string "" are no longer in use. To migrate these links, replace the string "" with "". 

Known Issues

NCSS dimension orderingUnidata has changed the THREDDS NetCDF Subset Service (NCSS) output in the new version. This can result in differences in the NCSS dimension ordering. For example, the lat/long values can display in a different order in the output. The issue has been reported to Unidata and remains under development.Ongoing

More Information

Please contact the NCI Helpdesk if you have any questions.

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