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Root disk/dev/vda, automatically mounted on /Operating system and applications
  • High IOPS and throughput (Solid State Disks in RAID 0)
  • Included in instance snapshots
  • Limited size
  • No redundancy
  • Deleted when virtual machine is deleted
  • Not automatically backed up
Attached volumes aka Block Storage aka Cinder (Backed by Ceph)/dev/vdb and subsequent, not automatically mountedPersistent storage of large volumes of data
  • Large size
  • High throughput
  • Built-in redundancy
  • Exists until deleted by owner
  • Can be detached from one VM, then re-attached to another.
  • Can create point-in-time volume snapshots
  • Lower IOPS
  • Not automatically backed up
NCI Global Data FilesystemsNFS exported (see Appendix C for more information)Use of data sets across different NCI computing platforms, shared access to data from multiple projects, storage of very large data sets
  • Common data storage available to all NCI computing platforms
  • Persistent for the life of the project
  • Shared access via NFS across multiple instances
  • Shared access across multiple projects
  • Very large storage capacity
  • Easy access to additional data management facilities
  • Access via NFS imposes limitations in performance
  • Access via NFS requires additional set up and adds complexity

C. Access to the Global File-systems