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The deadline for recertification is individual and will be approximately 12 months after your last recertification or registration date.

Suspension for Failing to Recertify

If there is a failure to recertify by the advised deadline, the user account will be suspended. This suspension stops access to all NCI systems except MyNCI, in which limited access will be allowed to finish the recertification. Any PBS jobs in the queue while your account is suspended will fail to run and may be automatically deleted. 

Once recertified, your account, including project and software group memberships, will be automatically reinstated and no further action will be required for 12 months. 

Deactivation of Suspended Accounts

If a user account remains suspended for 120 days, it will be deactivated and all project and software group memberships will be lost. If you require your account to be reactivated, contact the NCI Helpdesk. You will need to recertify to complete the reactivation. If you were the Lead CI of a project prior to deactivation you will need to ask the NCI Helpdesk to restore your membership.

Authors: Yue Sun, Mark Gregson, Mohsin Ali, Andrew Johnston