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This is the home page for NCI User Support documentation.


 -  Q2 Scheduled Maintenance - GADI IS CURRENTLY OFFLINE

Gadi and the /g/data3 file system will undergo quarterly scheduled maintenance starting on Thursday . Please note that the Q2 maintenance plan has been revised to one working day only. NCI data centre infrastructure work originally scheduled for 2-6 April has been rescheduled to a later date. 

Systems affected by Q2 maintenance - Thursday  ONLY

  • Gadi: 8am-6pm AEDT
  • /g/data3 and VDI instances reliant on /g/data3: 8am-6pm AEDT
  • THREDDS data services: 7am-7pm AEDT

Systems not affected by Q2 maintenance

  • /g/data1a, /g/data1b, /g/data4 Lustre file systems
  • Partner cloud VM instances
  • VMware instances
  • VDI instances not reliant on /g/data3

 COVID-19 Contingencies

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic the ANU has asked all staff to work from home starting . NCI systems remain fully operational and will be supported remotely. NCI user support will continue to operate as normal, with email the preferred mode of support interaction -  

Normal day to day work for most NCI groups is expected to resume following a brief period of disruption as staff adjust to the new work from home regime. All meetings have been moved to teleconference or zoom. Physical dispersal of staff will affect our ability to respond in a timely fashion for some situations, particularly where group consultations or approvals are needed. We would like to ask for your patience as we all adjust to this new way of working. 

Useful Links

URLDescriptionServicesAvailabilityAccess public website
  • Announcements
  • Events
  • Research highlights
  • Policies
OpenPublic user/project registration
  • Register for a user account
  • Request to join a project
  • Approve a project membership (Lead CIs only)
  • Submit a partner scheme project proposal (Lead CIs only)
  • Approve a partner project (Partner scheme managers only)
OpenLogin required and user documentation
(You are here!
  • User documentation
  • Technical documentation
OpenPublic desk portal
  • Submit a support request
  • View your support requests
OpenLogin required Computational Merit Allocation Scheme access portal
  • Information about NCMAS calls for applications
  • Submit a NCMAS application
  • View your NCMAS results
August-DecemberLogin required

ANU Merit Scheme access portal
  • Information about ANUMAS calls for applications
  • Submit an ANUMAS application
  • View your ANUMAS results
September-DecemberLogin required

Useful Email Addresses

AddressDescriptionUse to

User support
  • Contact NCI User Support
  • Request help - create a support ticket

  • Contact the NCI Communications and Outreach team
  • Request information about NCI events and activities
  • Request information about NCI partnerships

Data Collections

From  users will need to register for access to NCI data collections. More information is available on the Data Collections Access page.

Search NCI user documentation 

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