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Resource Name


Accessible from 

Size Limit

Allocation Valid Until

Resource Specific Comments

Compute Hoursprojectn.a.amount set by scheme managerend of quarter



PBS jobs / login nodes

10 GiB  with no possible extension 

user account deactivation

  • with backups in $HOME/.snapshot



PBS jobs† / login nodes

72 GiB by default, more on jobs' demand

project retirement/job demand changes
  • designed for jobs with large data IO
  • no backupsdata expires in 90 days since creation [tbc when details available]
  • files not accessed for more than 100 days are automatically moved from project directories on /scratch into a quarantine space
  • any files remaining in quarantine at the end of the 14-day quarantine period will be automatically deleted
  • number-of-files limit applied



PBS jobs† / login nodes

amount set by scheme manager

project retirement 

  • designed for hosting persistent data
  • no backups
  • number-of-files limit applied
  • also accessible from other NCI services, like cloud

massdataprojectPBS copyq jobs† / login nodesamount set by scheme managerproject retirement 
  • two copies created in two different buildings
  • tape-based archival data storage

$PBS_JOBFSuserPBS jobs * disk space available on the job's hosting node(s)job termination
  • no backups
  • designed for jobs with frequent and small IO
software applications


PBS jobs / login nodes



  • built from source on Gadi when possible
  • more can be added on request ‡

software group owner

PBS jobs / login nodes

available seats on the licensing server

license expiry date

  • access controlled by software group membership ††
  • NCI owned licenses are for academic use only
  • projects, institutions and universities can bring in their own licenses 


Each user has a project-independent home directory. The storage limit of the home folder is fixed at 10 GiB. We recommend to use it as the folder where you host any scripts you want to keep to yourself. Users are encouraged to share their data elsewhere, see our Data Sharing Suggestions. All data on /home is backed up. In the case of ‘accidental’ deletion of any data inside the home folder, you can retrieve the data by following the example here.

Project Folder on Lustre Filesystems /scratch and /g/data