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We have put several examples under the NCI-ai-ml module space for users to validate the environment. After loading the NCI-ai-ml module, you can find them under '${NCI_AI_ML_ROOT}/examples".

We also provide 3 PBS job scripts in the directory "${NCI_AI_ML_ROOT}/examples"  to run these examples:

  • horovod_gloo.pbs runs examples via horovod+gloo across 2 GPU nodes.
  • horovod_mpi.pbs runs examples via horovod+mpi across 2 GPU nodes.
  • raytrain.pbs runs examples via ray Train across 2 GPU nodes.

You can copy them to your working directory and then submit them to the Gadi PBS queue system. Please keep "gdata/dk92+gdata/wb00" in the "#PBS -l storage" line and replace others with your own project storage spaces. 

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