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NCI-data-analysis module supports all NCI computing platforms including Gadi and ARE.


The NCI-data-analysis module can be loaded in both interactive and batch jobs running at Gadi.

You can load the NCI-data-analysis module as below in your interactive PBS job or put them in a batch job script. 

$ module use /g/data/dk92/apps/Modules/modulefiles
$ module load NCI-data-analysis/<version>


The ARE is a web-based graphical interface to enable NCI users to access Gadi based Virtual Desktop (VDI), JupyterLab, Terminal.


You can launch a ARE VDI session as below

Because the VDI session is running within the Singularity image, you can not load NCI-data-analysis environment directly. Alternative, you need to ssh to the local host in a terminal and load the NCI-data-analysis module:

$ ssh localhost

$ module use /g/data/dk92/apps/Modules/modulefiles

$ module load NCI-data-analysis/<version>

Then you can start a local Jupyter notebook and access it via the VDI web browser, i.e. Firefox.


You can also start a ARE JupyterLab session to work with the NCI-data-analysis module as below. Note the latest version of NCI-data-analsysis is 2024.01. Please load NCI-data-analysis/2024.01 in the "Step 2" if you want to access the latest version of NCI-data-analysis module.

Step 1:

Choose appropriate resources in different fields.

Step 2:

Load the NCI-data-analysis/2022.06 module from the directory


Step 3:

Wait until "Open jupyterLab" button is highlighted; Click it to open the JupyterLab session.

Step 4:

In the "Launch" page, select a Language including Python, R and Julia to start your notebook.

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