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In order to checkout and run UM suites inside Gadi using Rose/Cylc, please ensure that you have the following items ready.

UK Met Office Science Repository Service (MOSRS) account

If you don't already have one, get in touch with the contact in your institution, see below, to organise one for you. If you have other affiliations, please contact directly to organise your account.

NCI Account with the following Project Memberships

 If you don't already have a NCI account you can register for one. Once you have an NCI account, connect your account to the following NCI projects:

    • access (click to join) – UM licensed software, modules and data
    • hr22 (click to join) – Rose and Cylc software
    • ki32 (click to join) – Source repository mirrors
    • ki32_mosrs (click to join) – UM licensed source code mirror, only open to valid MOSRS users. Only members of ki32 can join the subgroup.

If you are using the Met Office models, you almost certain need to join all these projects.

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