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NCI is dedicated to provide Australian research community with the systems and services to facilitate their researches. Before accessing and using systems and services at NCI, please follow the wizard starting at the signup page on myNCI portal to submit your registration request. During the registration, you will be asked for informations including, but not limited to, whether you had NCI account before, your institutional email address, institution, mobile number, project code(s) of the project(s) you want to join. It is crucial to have them up-to-date to allow your account to be functional.

Previous NCI Account

Through myNCI portal users are able to keep their account profile such as email address, mobile number, institution and project membership, up to date. Due to this flexibility, there is no need to request for a new account when moving to a new institution. 

Institutional Email Address

Because NCI serves primarily the Australian research community, by default, we accept email address with domain names associated with most Australian universities and research institutes. If you are working overseas or in the private sector and invited by your collaborators to join their project(s) on Gadi, the system most likely doesn't accept your email address in the registration. Please send an email to from your institutional email address with details such as the project code(s) and the name of collaborator(s), we will whitelist the domain name of your institution to facilitate the registration. 

Mobile Number

Mobile number is optional in the user registration webform, but it is compulsory to be used in the 2-step verification, together with email address, when resetting the forgotten password.


NCI distributes resources, such as compute hours and persistent storage space, through stakeholders directly to projects. These stakeholders are mainly Australian universities, research institutions and government agencies and they all have their own schemes to support their own researchers. When proposing a new project, the institution in your profile decides which scheme the application can be proposed to. 

Projects Association

It is necessary to request project membership(s) or propose a new project with the registration in order to get the user account created. Once the project membership or the new project is approved, the active project membership in turn generates the user account. 

Since users don't get resources directly from stakeholders and can only access NCI systems and services through their project memberships, user registration won't be approved without an active project membership. Because software group memberships provide only access to software licenses and executables, it is not considered as an active membership that is eligible to create a new user account.

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