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This section describes the metadata information found within the catalogue records. 

Example record

Each catalogue record will display metadata information about that particular type of resource hosted at NCI. This includes basic elements such as the resource title and abstract as well as information related to data/resource access, licensing and citation

Metadata fields

The table below describes the primary metadata fields you will find within the records:

Register for local access

Registration is required to access data locally at NCI. Registration links direct users to the MyNCI User Portal to complete this process.  

Note: Data access through NCI data services do not require registration.

NCI local file pathLocal file system location of the data resource for access at NCI from Gadi or the VDI. 
(Linked URLs)

Data access links (through NCI data services). In general, these allow data to be accessed without registration at NCI.

Information pages that provide further details about the resource are also linked to records in this section. 

(Linked records)The associated child and parent records. In the case of collection records, the child records will link to the sub-collection(s) and/or dataset(s) records containing more detailed information of those products. In cases of collections with very deep hierarchies, the child records may only reach sub-collection information. 
NCI project codeData collections are hosted and organised within unique project codes at NCI. The registration link for local access will direct users to the MyNCI user portal to request membership to the associated project code for the collection. 
Catalogue record DOI 

The persistent Digital Object Identifier (DOI) used to identify the record. Please see the Data Citation section of this guide for best practice information on how to use data DOIs for citing data access and usage at NCI.

CategoriesISO 19115 Topic Category that is the most relevant to the resource
Field of ResearchThe Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification for Field of Research (FOR)
Access constraintsResource licensing and terms of use. 
Update frequencyProvides information about the frequency of updates to this version of the dataset. Data products will commonly list: 'not planned', 'asNeeded', or 'ongoing' depending on the type of product.  
FormatData format of the resource
LineageInformation and references for sources and processes that were used to create the dataset and an audit trail for modifications to the original data. 
CreditFree-text recognition of contributions to the dataset where not acknowledged elsewhere.
Owner(s)Owner(s) of the resource
Author(s)Author(s) of the resource
Funder(s)Funder(s) of the resource

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