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Access to the Nirin cloud is granted to projects and an identified list of users who will be using the infrastructure.

How to gain access to Nirin Cloud

NCI Project Lead Principal Investigators can obtain access to the Nirin Cloud by contacting the NCI Helpdesk. Please provide the following information in your request so our team can provision the appropriate resources.

Project CodeThe NCI project code (eg ab12)
Lead PI NCI UsernameThe NCI username of the lead PI (eg usr234)
EITHER: Number of CPU cores required *
OR: Amount of memory required *
Amount of storage required
Number of Internet accessible IP addresses
List of NCI usernames who should be granted Dashboard access
Does this project require access to gdata
gdata directories requiredPlease identify the gdata directories which are required and if read-only or read/write access is needed.

* Standard Nirin VMs have a ratio of 2 GB memory for every 1 CPU core

Charge rates

Connecting to global data (gdata)

Adding users for dashboard infrastructure access

A self service capability to add additional users to the Nirin dashboard for a project is currently in development. In the interim the Project PI should contact the NCI Helpdesk detailing the NCI usernames who are able to administer the underlying cloud resources and we will provision accordingly.   

Details about using IaaS are provided at Nirin - Quick Start Guide , NFS export policy is provided at NFS Export Policy for global file-systems to Nirin and the associated costs are provided at Nirin Flavors and Charge Rates.

For more details, please send an email to with details of your requirements.