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VASP license "Valid to" dateVASP6VASP5For VASP6 access




Submit a request to join the vasp6 software group, via the link

On or before  



From 5 May 2021 you will not be able to use VASP6. Contact VASP Software GmbH ( regarding your VASP6 license options

VASP Software GmbH has recently revised licensing conditions for VASP6 at NCI. This revision may affect which version of VASP you can use, effective 5 May 2021.

Users covered by a VASP license with a “Valid to” date later than 30 June 2019 can access VASP6 through a new software group vasp6 . If your VASP license has a “Valid to” date later than 30 June 2019, you can submit a request to join the vasp6 software group via the link

Ensure that your email addresses registered for your NCI user account through and VASP licensing at are the same. For license verification these email addresses must be identical. (Your NCI account email address should always be your current work email.)

Per VASP Software GmbH licensing requirements, NCI will restrict VASP6 access to vasp6 software group members only starting on Wednesday 5 May. NCI recommends that all eligible VASP6 users join the vasp6 software group as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, users covered by a VASP license with a “Valid to” date of 30 June 2019 or earlier may continue to use VASP5, but are not eligible to use VASP6 from Wednesday 5 May under the revised licensing conditions. Please contact VASP Software GmbH ( if you require a new VASP license.

If you have questions about these changes to VASP licensing please contact NCI User Services for further information – .

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