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Terms, agreements, and declarations

The NCI sign up process is split into five steps that we will walk through one at a time.

Step one is accepting the terms and conditions of creating an NCI account, and your responsibilities regarding that account.

I have never held an NCI account

NCI does not allow multiple user accounts. If you have previously been associated with NCI through another project or institution. Please contact the NCI help desk to reactivate your account.

I have been informed of and agree to abide by the conditions of use and other policies

By creating an NCI account, individuals must read and abide by the conditions of use. Part of which is a requirement to acknowledge NCI in publications.

An acceptable form of words is: This research was undertaken with the assistance of resources from the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI Australia), an NCRIS enabled capability supported by the Australian Government.

Ongoing access to NCI systems will be subject to a 12 monthly renewal of agreement to these conditions, so please read them carefully and become acquainted with them.  

I agree not to share my password with anyone else

Never disclose or share your password or credentials with anyone, including fellow project members, or NCI staff.

Once you read through the terms and conditions, tick each of the boxes and click to proceed to the personal details page.