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Welcome to NCI's CMIP Community Page

This is the homepage for information and updates relating to the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) data and activities at NCI for use by the Australian climate science community.




CMIP6 replication underway at NCI

NCI has begun replication of initial CMIP6 data into the project space oi10 - request membership through

On track for CMIP6 Publications

Testing of the upgrades to NCI's ESGF node for CMIP6 is complete with the production node deployment underway:

  CMIP6 Data download continuing as data becomes available

Currently ~30TB of CMIP6 data replicated to NCI under project oi10.

  Retraction of CMIP6 data at NCI

To keep up to date on downloaded data affected by logged errata, watch the CMIP6 Dataset Errata page.

  Initial release of CMIP6

CMIP6 data is available for download and analysis under a trial period.

CMIP6 Status

The ESGF portal to CMIP6 model output is open. Contributions from modelling centers is expected to continue throughout the second half of 2018 and into 2019.

NCI has established high-capacity links with other ESGF primary nodes in the US, UK and Europe. This means we are well placed to serve as a primary data service node, hosting authoritative copies of high use replica data. For researchers with access to NCI, a large collection of data will be available with thorough version control and data management as stipulated by the standard procedures set out by the ESGF. Additionally, for Australia and Oceania researchers without access to the NCI facilities, data will be available for download from a Tier 1 source that is much closer than was previously possible. Current replica download variables and data request information can be found here.

AR6 Timelines

Dec 31 2019: Literature Submission Cut-off Date

Sep 30 2020: Literature Acceptance Cut-off Date

For the full timeline see the image source:

Key References

See below for direct links to the most frequently used resources.

  1. Data Access Information
  2. Data Download Request
  3. Training


The availability of CMIP6 data, services and user support has been made possible through the Climate Science Data-enhanced Virtual Laboratory project which is a collaboration involving NCICSIRO, the Bureau of Meteorology, the ARC Centre for Climate Extremes and co-funded by the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC). It builds on previous Australian e-infrastructure programs, the Climate & Weather Science Lab, and the National Earth Systems Data Collection and Data Services programs. It also supports NCI’s leading role in international collaborations, most notably the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) that provides the international federated capability for CMIP data. The value of this work required funding from the participants and various parties including other NCRIS funding programs ANDS, RDS, and NeCTAR (now ARDC) NCRIS programs. This infrastructure directly contributes to outcomes achieved through other major investments from government-funded research including CAWCR (Collaboration for Australian Weather and Climate Research), NESP (National Environmental Science Program) and the ARC CoE for Climate System Science (ARCCSS) and ARC CoE for Climate Extremes (CLEX).

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