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Priority Replication at NCI

Data produced at other modelling centres around the globe will be replicated locally at NCI. Due to the large volumes expected for CMIP6 (estimates have put it at ~20PB), not all the data will be able to be replicated. Due to volume restrictions and download speed capabilities, a set of priority variables will be included in the "priority" download list, and any additional datasets will need to be requested for download through NCI (see below).

The steps in which NCI will undertake a bulk download of priority variables and experiment for replication of the CMIP6 data is outlined below:

  1. Determine Priority Variables/Experiment

    1. A variable list based on user surveys, global CMIP5 download statistics and current CMIP5 data replicated at NCI has been created capturing the highest priority variables and experiments that will be included in the priority download. Also see Datasets and Available Variables.

  2. Data Replication

    1. The priority download list for CMIP6 is broken into different priorities for replication. 

    2. Replication is performed using the download tool Synda, which organises the data into the correct directory structure.
    3. Users will be kept up to date on plans and progress via updates on the CMIP Community Home page and email notifications to users.
    4. Regular checks are performed for updates and new versions downloaded when available.

How to Request CMIP Data at NCI

Steps to request NCI download CMIP or related data for Australian climate science research:

  1. Check if the desired dataset is already available

    1. First check if the dataset is on the file system using the intake method (e.g., intake-ESM)

      PCMDI have released a webpage tracking ESGF CMIP6 Data Holding, which shows number of datasets currently available globally by model and experiment.

  2. If the dataset is not on the file system, check if it is in the download plan

    1. You can submit a request for the data (go to Step 3) or send an email inquiry to

  3. If required data is not on the file system or in the download plan

    1. To request data to be downloaded at NCI for analysis, please fill out the relevant request form below. In each case you will need to include:

      1. Variables required and the output table_id with frequency and realm.

      2. Models to be included.

      3. The experiment and ensemble information.

      4. Your institution and NCI user name.

    2. The requested data will be added to the download queue with details of priority and download status.

To request that CMIP6, CMIP5 or CORDEX data be downloaded at NCI, please use the following respective forms:

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